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What is Sponge Pockets technology?
Sponge Pockets technology is the key to the strength and absorbency of SpongeTowels paper towels. It utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a unique embossing pattern on every sheet in order to provide added strength and absorbency, giving you everything you need to clean up all of your household messes.
Why did you choose the SpongeTowels® name?
Actually, it was consumers who chose the SpongeTowels® name. In consumer research, we asked Canadian women to help us choose a name and SpongeTowels was a natural fit because most of the women we spoke with thought it perfectly captured the absorbency and strength offered by the thousands of powerful Sponge Pockets® in every pack.
What's the difference between SpongeTowels and SpongeTowels Ultra paper towels?
SpongeTowels Ultra paper towels are even thicker, stronger and more absorbent than regular SpongeTowels paper towels. That's why SpongeTowels Ultra is our best combination of absorbency and strength.
What's the difference between SpongeTowels Ultra Full Sheet and SpongeTowels Ultra Choose-a-size?
Both Ultra Choose-a-size and Ultra Full Sheet are premium paper towels that offer you our best combination of absorbency and strength. They are the same except Ultra Full Sheet offers the simplicity and convenience of a full sheet every time whereas Ultra Choose-a-size allows you to select how much or how little paper towel to use because each regular sheet is perforated in the middle (so you can choose to use half a sheet, a full sheet, one-and-a-half sheets, etc., depending on your individual needs).
What is SpongeTowels EnviroCareTM?
SpongeTowels EnviroCareTM paper towels are made with 100% recycled paper, making them an environmentally conscious choice. EnviroCare's larger roll format helps to reduce packaging waste and the "Choose-a-size®" sheets make it easy to only use as much as you need. All of this, plus it delivers the absorbency and strength you have come to expect from SpongeTowels.
Where can I buy SpongeTowels paper towels?
As one of the best selling paper towel brands in Canada, SpongeTowels paper towels are available at retail, grocery and drug stores across Canada. For a detailed listing of our retail partners, please go to our Where To Buy section. If you can't find your favourite SpongeTowels product where you shop, please ask the store manager if he or she can order it for you.
Who makes SpongeTowels paper towels?
SpongeTowels paper towels will continue to be 100% Canadian-made by Kruger Products at our plant in Crabtree, Quebec.
How are SpongeTowels paper towels made?
Please click here to open a new document from the Kruger Products website that explains how SpongeTowels paper towels are made.
Can I use SpongeTowels paper towels in the microwave?
Although paper towels have become very popular for use in microwave ovens, we recommend that you consult your microwave owner's manual prior to using them during microwave food preparation.
What if I still have questions?
We appreciate hearing from our valued customers, so please contact us for more information. You can submit a question or comment online 24 hours per day by clicking here or call us toll-free at 1-877-577-6643 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm Eastern Time. If our office is closed and you leave a message, or you submit an inquiry online, we will respond within three business days (and often sooner).
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